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Welcome to a wondrous world of little moon dreams 


Born by an insomniac thought to bring the little sweet dreams to life through various musical and visual art forms: Composition, Music Production, Orchestration, Digital Art, Illustration, Animation, moments of freedom and calm and bits of the peaceful moon elf life.

Inspired by our glowing moon, I hope you enjoy

all these little creations by yours truly, A Little Moon Dreamer



With trees growing from it's back, the Sunbear symbolizes hardship, change, growth and the beautiful positive outcome from persevering.

Album Art for Sunbear ♪♬

The 2024 Celestial Events Calendar includes Little Moon Dreams Art and is great for those who like to keep an eye out for astrological and astronomical events throughout the year: Moon Phases, Eclipses, Equinox, Solstice, Meteor Showers and Planetary Retrogrades. — All in a simple & minimal, single monthly page design, using the symbols of planets and zodiacs to indicate astrological events, along with a Symbols Legend page!


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