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Insiya is a multimedia composer, producer, violinist and artist.

Much of her work is inspired by her classical training and a fusion of elements nostalgic to her childhood: ranging from her favourite film & tv scores; to Hindi cinema; and the classic rock tunes her father would blast in the house. Insiya’s music holds a unique sound palette that blends through musical realms — from orchestral melodies to synthetic atmospheres, this divergent creative produces a colourful mosaic for ones ears.


With a wondrous enthusiasm for the arts in its various forms, Insiya began a venture into the creation of Little Moon Dreams. — An independent production studio born from the insomniac thought of bringing the little sweet dreams to life through animated & melodious works of art. Using an imaginative mind and passionate heart, Insiya pushes beyond conventions and welcomes the beholder into her enchanting world.


Insiya holds a Bachelor of Music degree from the University of Western Ontario; attended the Screen Scoring Program at New York University (NYU); and is a graduate of the Music Scoring for Screen and Stage program at Sheridan College. Currently she is based in Toronto, Canada.


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