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My Bridgerton Score (2022)

My entry for the 2022 Spitfire Audio Scoring Competition (Not commissioned, or endorsed by either Netflix, Shondaland Media or Spitfire Audio)


Dearnge Society (2021)

Music Arranger for Dearnge Society logo

Sound Design

Your Hand In Mine (2021)

Short Animation by Sheryl Au 


Original Music

Home (2021)

Short Animation by Eugenia Barone 

Original Music

Varsity Flu (2020)

Documentary by Madeline Gunderson

Original Music & Sound Design

Junk in The Trunk (2020)

Game Dev. by Drake's Games 

Original Music

Mixing Paint (2019)

Collaboration with the Institute of Fine Arts, NYU

Original Music

Glimmer (2019)

Short Animation by Sara Walshe

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