Insiya A. Foda

Composer | Arranger | Violinist




Insiya Foda is a multimedia composer, arranger and violinist. She began her musical journey as a young girl playing the violin. Her portfolio includes works written in a range of musical styles; orchestral, percussive, synth and hybrids of genres that blend and cross through musical worlds. Insiya's music is inspired through her classical training; along with a fusion of elements nostalgic to her childhood, such as Bollywood films and the classic rock tunes her father would blast in the house. Insiya also has a great enthusiasm for the visual arts which often inspire her musical works. Stemming from that, she creates short animations under the production title called, Little Moon Dreams.


Insiya holds a Bachelor of Music degree from the University of Western Ontario; was a former student of the Screen Scoring Program at New York University (NYU); and is a graduate of the Music Scoring for Screen and Stage program at Sheridan College. Currently she is based in Toronto, Canada.


Insiya's ultimate goal is to tell stories through her music and connect with people through her creative work.

Using an imaginative mind and passionate heart, she creates a unique and colourful world for the ears. 




film scores

chamber & orchestral

hybrid & other


Dearnge Society


Music Arranger for Dearnge Society logo

Mixing Paint


Collaboration with the Institute of Fine Arts, NYU



Original Short by Sara Walshe

Your Hand In Mine (2021)

Dir. by Sheryl Au  ⦁  Sound Design by Insiya A. Foda

Home (2021)

Dir. by Eugenia Barone  ⦁  Music by Insiya A. Foda

Junk In The Trunk (2020)

Game Dev. by Drake's Games  ⦁ Music & Sound Design by Insiya A. Foda

Varsity Flu (2020)

Dir. by Madeline Gunderson  ⦁  Music by Insiya A. Foda


A series of gif-like animations and twinkling stars

Music & Art by Insiya Foda


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